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Outdoor Fountains - Which Type of Pump Is Best For You?
6 months ago

There are several different materials that are used in the manufacture of outdoor fountains and each has its own set of unique qualities. The most popular materials for garden fountains typically are fiberglass, cast iron, copper and stone. However, there are some great options out there that may interest you. Some of the materials listed here are also suitable for use indoors and are suitable for use in your home as well.


Fiberglass is a very popular choice for outdoor fountains because it's lightweight and very easy to maintain. They come in many different shapes and sizes, making them ideal both for indoor and outdoor settings. They're not too dissimilar to natural rocks, which means many people can use them indoors or outdoors with relative ease. If you live in an area where humidity is high, you might want to consider using fiberglass for your fountain as it is very resistant to staining.


Cast Iron outdoor fountains use a water pump to push up water to the top of the fountain. The pump is powered by an electric motor and works well with small water fountains, but if you're looking for something larger then you will probably want to use a motorized pump. Once the water reaches the top of the fountain, a water flow nozzle sprays the water into the air.


Copper outdoor fountains often feature a pump built right into the face of the sculpture. This makes them more convenient than many other models because you don't have to lug a separate pump around. However, if you do choose to use a pump be sure you look for a good quality one that is powerful enough to run all the electronics in the system. If you have an older model computer on your decorating team, you should consider upgrading to the latest model. While you may pay a bit more at the start, it will pay off in the long run by saving you money on energy cost.


PEX tubing is just what it sounds like; an aluminum pipe that's wrapped tightly around a steel or iron core. Because of its weight and limited range of motion, a hardwired outdoor fountain pump is usually the best choice, unless your fountain is located near a structure that could support a hardwired cor. In order for this type of pump to work properly, there must be at least two power sources, one outside the fountain and one inside the fountain. Since your fountain does not actually sit atop a foundation, a hardwired pump is not practical unless your structure can support it.


For smaller fountains or pools, a solar powered pump is probably your best option. These pumps are powered by either a 12 volt battery or a separate, rechargeable battery pack. They typically require a separate electrical connection because they rely on solar energy. Most models require an average of four to five hours of direct sunlight to operate, but this varies depending on the model.Read more about outdoor fountains here.


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